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The Narasimha Avatar Story – Vishnu’s Lion Form


Narasimha – Vishnu’s Lion Form The story of Narasimha is actually a continuation from the story of Vishnu’s third avatar, Varaha. As a brief recap, two of Vishnu’s gatekeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, were cursed with a mortal life and while Vishnu was unable to reverse the curse, he offered them the chance to be reborn for 7 lives as his …

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Varaha Avatar – Vishnu’s Third Avatar As A Boar


Varaha Avatar – Vishnu’s Third Avatar As A Boar Varaha avatar is usually listed as Vishnu’s third avatar chronologically. Varaha took the form of a boar to rescue the Earth with his tusks, from the demon Hiranyaksha. The depiction of Varaha avatar does vary depending on the artist’s own impression. Occasionally Varaha is depicted completely as a boar, and occasionally …

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Kurma Vishnu’s Second Avatar, In Turtle Form


Kurma Vishnu’s Second Avatar, In Turtle Form Kurma is usually listed as the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, with Matsya the fish avatar being the first. To understand the role of Kurma, you will need to familiarise yourself with the story of Samudra Manthan, also known churning of the oceans. In short, Lord Indra the king of the Gods, and …

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Matsya – The First Vishnu Avatar


Matsya – The First Vishnu Avatar To understand Lord Vishnu and his 10 avatars, you need to remember that he is known as the Preserver, protecting the world when evil threatens to overpower good. Matsya is usually listed as the first Vishnu avatar to have taken form. The story of Matsya starts with Brahma, who was entering a deep sleep at …

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Samudra Manthan Story In Full Detail


Samudra Manthan Story The full Samudra Manthan story begins with Indra, king of the devatas, being given a garland as a gift by the sage Durvasa. To show he wasn’t egotistical, he placed the garland on the trunk of his elephant. The elephant let the garland slip from his trunk and trampled it. This enraged Durvasa, who cursed Indra and the …

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VIDEO – Full Bhagavad Gita In English


Full Bhagavad Gita In English The Bhagavad Gita (भगवद् गीता) is a sacred text in Hinduism that is part of the Mahabharata. The script is set as a dialogue between the Pandava prince Arjun and Lord Krishna. On the battlefield, on the brink of war against the Kauravs, Arjuna is facing a dilemma about fighting his cousins and Lord Krishna …

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Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics, Video & Translation

Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics In Hindi Om jai Jagdish hare Swãmi jai Jagdish hare Bhakt jano ke sankat Dãs jano ke sankat Kshañ men door kare Om jai Jagdish hare Jo dhyãve phal pãve Dukh bin se man kã Swami dukh bin se man kã Sukh sampati ghar ãve Sukh sampati ghar ãve Kasht mite tan …

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Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali?


Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali Introduction To Diwali Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’ is important not just for Hindus, but also for Sikhs, and Jains. It is an official holiday in India, as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka and some other Asian countries. It is also an official holiday in the Caribbean countries of Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. …

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