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Aao Mahima Gaye Bholenath Ki – Bhajan Video & Lyrics

Aao Mahima Gaye Bholenath Ki Bhajan Lyrics & Video This is one of my favourite bhajans and sung by one of my favourite singers. Please enjoy…Aao Mahima Gaye Bholenath Ki by the legendary Anuradha Paudwal. And full lyrics below: Aao Mahima Gayen Bhole Nath Ki Bhakti Me Kho Jaye Bhole Nath Ki Aao Mahima Gayen Bhole Nath Ki Bhakti Me …

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Shiv Chalisa Lyrics, Translation & Video

Shiv Chalisa Lyrics, Meaning & Video Shiv Chalisa is a devotional song based on Lord Shiva. It is a popular prayer composed of 40 verses and recited daily or on special festivals dedicated to Lord Shiva. The word chalisa is derived from the word ‘chalis’ or 40, because it has 40 verses excluding the beginning end ending couplets. Shiv Chalisa …

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Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne Pooja Lyrics And Video


Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne Pooja Lyrics Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne Pooja Video Shiv Shankar Ko Jisne Pooja Lyrics Shiv Shankar ko jisne puja, uska hi udhar hua Shiv Shankar ko jisne puja, uska hi udhar hua Ant kaal ko bhavsagar mein, uska beda paar hua Bhole Shankar ki puja karo Dhaale charano mein iske dharo Shiv Shankar ko jisne puja, …

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See Mount Kailash Up Close

Mount Kailash, possibly the holiest mountain in the world, notoriously difficult to access due to its remote location is a pilgrimage which if you can make, it is definitely worth making. Mount Kailash is in Tibet, and about 2 days drive from any civilisation. For those of you who might not be keen on the long trek or unable to …

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The Origin Of Murugan – The Boy Wonder


The Origin Of Murugan Murugan, also known by the name Kartikeya, is the son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Ganesh. It’s not an easy job to explain the origin of Murugan, because each and every source you look at has a different tale or a different version of events. Murugan is referred to as the son of Indra …

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The Story Of Ardhanarishvara


The Story Of Ardhanarishvara The story of Ardhanarishvara is the representation of Shiva & his consort Parvati, combined as a single entity, showing how male and female are inseparable. Ardhanarishvara Imagery Ardhanarishvara, as a composite of Shiva and Parvati is usually shown as a single entity, split down the middle, with the right half being Shiva and the left half …

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Lingaraj Temple – One of the Finest “Purely Hindu” temples


Lingaraj Temple Towering over the city of Bhubaneshwar in the Eastern Indian state of Odisha, is the Lingaraj temple. The temple complex is over 1100 years old, covers an area more than 250,000 square feet and rises 180 feet into the sky. It is Bhubaneshwar’s main landmark and best-known tourist attraction as well. History Of Lingaraj Temple The temple’s name, …

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Virabhadra Story – How Lord Shiva Killed His Father In Law


The Virabhadra Story The Virabhadra story is heavily linked to the marriage of Lord Shiva to Sati and the Daksha Yaga. There are a few parts to this story, so we have tried to keep it as simple as possible so that it is concise and easy to understand. Daksha And His Daughter Sati Daksha was the son of Brahma …

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Harihara – Combined Depiction Of Vishnu And Shiva


Harihara – Combining Vishnu And Shiva If you are familiar with Hinduism, you will know that it is a somewhat divided religion with varied sects and branches. Amongst those branches is Vaishnavism, which is the term for followers of Vishnu and Shaivism, which is the term for followers of Shiva. This can be divisive and there are often arguments about which …

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