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Shri Hanuman Aarti Lyrics In English, Hindi, Video

Hanuman Aarti Lyrics, Video & Translation Hanuman Aarti Lyrics In English Aarti Ki Jai Hanuman Lalaki. Dusht dalan Raghunath kalaki. Aarti Ki Jai… Jaakay bal say giriwar kaapay, Roog doosh jakay nikat na jhankay. Anjani putra maha balli daayee, Santan kay prabhu sada sahaye. Aarti Ki Jai… Day beeraa Raghunath pataway, Lanka jaaree seeya soodi laayee Lanka so koti Samundra …

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Vishnu’s Rama Avatar & Ramayana Summary


Vishnu’s Rama Avatar & Ramayana Summary Possibly one of the best known Hindu deities, it is difficult to summarise the role of Rama and the epic Ramayana in just one article, but I will do my best! So here is my Ramayana summary! The Story of the Ramayana The story of the Ramayana starts in the heavens. Mother Earth, Bhumidevi, …

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Panchmukhi Hanuman – The Full Story


Panchmukhi Hanuman Panchmukhi Hanuman is a less common depiction of Lord Hanuman, showing him with five heads and 10 arms. The Five Heads Of Panchmukhi Hanuman From left to right, the five heads of Panchmukhi Hanuman are usually shown as follows: Varaha – the thid incarnate of Lord Vishnu, with a boar’s head. Varaha is believed to have saved the …

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Why Is Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated?


Why Is Hanuman Jayanti Celebrated? Hanuman Jayanti marks the birth of Lord Hanuman. Tt is an important festival for Hindus because Hanuman is a symbol for strength, power and courage. Who Is Hanuman And Why Is Hanuman Important? Hanuman (commonly known to some as “the monkey god”) is a vanara (which is a monkey-like humanoid) who played a central role …

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Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali?


Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali Introduction To Diwali Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’ is important not just for Hindus, but also for Sikhs, and Jains. It is an official holiday in India, as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka and some other Asian countries. It is also an official holiday in the Caribbean countries of Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. …

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Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics, Meaning And Video


Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics, Meaning & Video Hanuman Chalisa is a 40 verse hymn believed to have been written by ancient Hindu poet Tulsidas, who also authored the Ramayana. The word chalisa is derived from the word ‘chalis’ or 40, because it has 40 verses excluding the beginning end ending couplets. Hanuman Chalisa Lyrics In Devanagri Script, with phonetic English spelling …

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Hanuman Mantra


Hanuman Mantra And What It Can Do For You The Hanuman mantra plays a major role in a Hindu’s day to day life. Hanuman is a Hindu god, depicted as a monkey-like humanoid. For simplicity, he is often referred to as the ‘monkey god’ but his role in the two great texts of Hinduism – The Ramayana and the Mahabharata …

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