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Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar


Kalki is believed to be Vishnu’s tenth and final of the Dashavatar (ten incarnations). It is believed that when Krishna left the Earth, the world passed into Kali Yuga (dark ages) where goodness and purity were diminished and darkness reigned. Kalki will appear at the end of Kali Yuga, riding a white horse and carrying a sword of fire. His appearance …

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Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?


Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar? Regular readers will know that we have been writing about Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, known as Dashavatar, by dedicating a separate written piece to each one. You can read about them here. There is a lot of debate and controversy over who was Vishnu’s 9th avatar. Some oppose the idea that it was Buddha, as he himself …

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Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar


Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar There is no way to fit the entirety of all the Shri Krishna Leela Stories into one single article. There is just so much to cover, so much to say, so much to learn from Lord Krishna’s time on Earth. From birth in Mathura, to upbringing in Gokul and Vrindavan, to establishing his …

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Vishnu’s Rama Avatar & Ramayana Summary


Vishnu’s Rama Avatar & Ramayana Summary Possibly one of the best known Hindu deities, it is difficult to summarise the role of Rama and the epic Ramayana in just one article, but I will do my best! So here is my Ramayana summary! The Story of the Ramayana The story of the Ramayana starts in the heavens. Mother Earth, Bhumidevi, …

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The Story Of Parashurama Vishnu’s Sixth Avatar


The Story Of Parashurama, Vishnu’s Sixth Avatar There are three prominent characters in Hinduism with the name Rama. Rama from Ramayana, Balarama (Krishna’s Brother) and Parashurama. Chronologically, Parahsurama was the first of the three and his name translates as Rama with an axe. Born to the sage Jamadagni, thought to be a direct descendant of Brahma, Parashurama was given the …

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The Vamana Story – Vishnu’s Fifth Avatar


The Vamana Story – Vishnu’s Fifth Avatar As A Dwarf When Prahlad became king of the asuras (demons) after his father Hiranyakashipu was killed by the fourth Vishnu avatar, Narasimha, the asuras became known for their kindness and generosity. It is disputed whether Mahabali, the asura king in this story, was the son or grandson of Prahlad, but in either case, …

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The Narasimha Avatar Story – Vishnu’s Lion Form


Narasimha – Vishnu’s Lion Form The story of Narasimha is actually a continuation from the story of Vishnu’s third avatar, Varaha. As a brief recap, two of Vishnu’s gatekeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, were cursed with a mortal life and while Vishnu was unable to reverse the curse, he offered them the chance to be reborn for 7 lives as his …

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Varaha Avatar – Vishnu’s Third Avatar As A Boar


Varaha Avatar – Vishnu’s Third Avatar As A Boar Varaha avatar is usually listed as Vishnu’s third avatar chronologically. Varaha took the form of a boar to rescue the Earth with his tusks, from the demon Hiranyaksha. The depiction of Varaha avatar does vary depending on the artist’s own impression. Occasionally Varaha is depicted completely as a boar, and occasionally …

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Kurma Vishnu’s Second Avatar, In Turtle Form


Kurma Vishnu’s Second Avatar, In Turtle Form Kurma is usually listed as the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, with Matsya the fish avatar being the first. To understand the role of Kurma, you will need to familiarise yourself with the story of Samudra Manthan, also known churning of the oceans. In short, Lord Indra the king of the Gods, and …

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