The Story Of Ardhanarishvara


What Does Ardhanarishvara Look Like?

Generally, Ardhanarishvara is shown as Shiva forming the right side and Parvati forming the left side of the deity, with the split down the middle. There are some schools of Shaktism where the sides are reversed.

Male Side Of Ardhanarishvara

The male side is depicted as Lord Shiva is traditionally depicted, with matted hair, crescent moon and the Ganges flowing from the hair. The male side is usually wearing leopard skin, is darker in colour and often Shiva’s mount, Nandi is next to this half.

Female Side Of Ardhanarishvara

The female side is depicted as Parvati is normally shown, with fair skin, a basket-shaped crown, a lotus or flowers in her hair, and a bindi to match Shiva’s third eye. Her mount, a lion, is usually shown to equate to Nandi on Shiva’s side.

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