Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar


Krishna The Prince

Krishna returned to Mathura and fought Kansa one-on-one, ultimately defeating him. He re-instated his grandfather, Ugrasena, onto the throne and freed his parents.

He settled into the role of a leading prince in the court, and it was through this role that he became familiar with Arjun and his brothers, the Pandavs, of the Kuru kingdom.

When the time came, Krishna moved from Mathura to Dwarka (in modern day Gujarat) and built his own kingdom there.

Krishna married Rukmini, by abducting her from her forced marriage to Shishupala. However it is thought that Krishna had over 16,000 wives.

He rescued over 16,000 women from the demon Narakasura, and as these women were thought to be degraded, they were unable to marry. So Krishna is said to have married all of them to restore their honour.

Soon after, as tensions began brewing between the Pandavs and their cousins, the Kauravs, war became inevitable and what followed is to this day regarded as one of the greatest works of literature, not just in Hinduism, but for all humanity.

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