Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar


Krishna’s Childhood And Adolescence

Nanda, Krishna’s foster father, was a cow-herder and settled his family in Vrindavan. It is here that Krishna grew up as a mischievous child, a cow herder, a protector of the people of Vrindavan and the eternal love story of Radha-Krishna was able to happen. The story of Radha-Krishna requires a lot more depth than this one article allows so we will come on to it separately.

Kansa had become aware that Devaki’s 8th child was still alive and asked several demons (asuras) to go and kill Krishna.

These include Putana, who came as a nurse, Trinavarta who came as a tornado and Kaliya, the serpent. The iconic image of Krishna dancing on the hood of a multi-headed serpent is exactly what happens after Krishna defeats Kaliya.

Krishna once angered Indra, king of the Gods, by encouraging the people of Vrindavan to care for their animals and resources, rather than praying to Indra for protection. Indra unleashed a torrent of rain upon the village. Krishna lifted the nearby Govardhana Hill to protect the villagers from the rain, like an umbrella.

Once he had come of age, Krishna returned to Mathura to battle Kansa and free his birth parents.

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