VIDEO – Ganesh Aarti Lyrics & Translation

Ganesh Aarti Lyrics & Translation Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is seen as a protector and remover of obstacles, someone who takes our pain and sorrows and brings us joy and happiness. The Ganesh Aarti – Jai Ganesh Deva – is one of the first Aartis taught to me by family when I was growing up and …

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Why Is Krishna Blue?

Why Is Krishna Blue? This is something I have wondered since I was a kid and first started learning about Hinduism. To be completely honest, when I was young I just assumed it was because looking at artwork, a different skin tone would make him stand out so your eyes are drawn towards him instantly. But that is a child’s …

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A Guide To Elephanta Caves, Elephanta Island

A Guide To Elephanta Caves, Elephanta Island In Mumbai harbour, there is an island called Gharapuri (translates as city of caves) which houses ancient temples dating back to some point between the 5th and 8th century BC. It is more commonly known as Elephanta Island. The island was called Gharapuri and was an important Hindu place of worship, until Portuguese …

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VIDEO – Durga Chalisa Lyrics And Translation

Durga Chalisa Lyrics And Translation As I mentioned in looking at the Hanuman Chalisa, a chalisa is a 40 verse prayer to a specific deity. It contains a lot of power and can be an incredible psychological boost when recited with your full heart and soul. The Durga Chalisa is recited to bring good fortune and joy to your family …

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Why Do Hindu Gods Have So Many Arms?

Why Do Hindu Gods Have So Many Arms? This is probably one of the single most common questions people ask about Hinduism. When I was a kid I just thought it was super cool but as I got older I wondered the same thing. There is no one definitive answer, but there are some schools of thought on as to …

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VIDEO – Full Bhagavad Gita In English

Full Bhagavad Gita In English The Bhagavad Gita (भगवद् गीता) is a sacred text in Hinduism that is part of the Mahabharata. The script is set as a dialogue between the Pandava prince Arjun and Lord Krishna. On the battlefield, on the brink of war against the Kauravs, Arjuna is facing a dilemma about fighting his cousins and Lord Krishna …

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Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics, Video & Translation

Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics In Hindi Om jai Jagdish hare Swãmi jai Jagdish hare Bhakt jano ke sankat Dãs jano ke sankat Kshañ men door kare Om jai Jagdish hare Jo dhyãve phal pãve Dukh bin se man kã Swami dukh bin se man kã Sukh sampati ghar ãve Sukh sampati ghar ãve Kasht mite tan …

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Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali?

Why Do Hindus Celebrate Diwali Introduction To Diwali Diwali, the ‘festival of lights’ is important not just for Hindus, but also for Sikhs, and Jains. It is an official holiday in India, as well as Nepal and Sri Lanka and some other Asian countries. It is also an official holiday in the Caribbean countries of Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. …

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