Our Work

When we started Hindspiration, it was to use our religiously focussed upbringings to do some good in the world.

That doesn’t mean go around converting people to Hinduism, but just being good to others, helping those who need it and spreading a ton of positive energy.

Hinduism just happened to be the common thread we had between us.

This website is run primarily as a force for good, and not as a profit earner. Any profit we make gets given to the following causes:

Samarpan Foundation


From their website:

[box style=”orange”]

Samarpan Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable trust that exists to provide help to people and animals, and to restore our environment.

We began as an informal group of volunteers doing what we could to help people in need in India. We sought to address the varied needs of vulnerable, hungry and destitute people, young and old.

Aside from the provision of food, shelter and education, we realized even small acts of kindness make a difference: like playing with the children and giving them mangoes, or listening to the old people’s stories and giving them a hug.

As our volunteers became more numerous, so our projects became more ambitious, and the need to adopt a formal structure became apparent. On 15 September 2006, Samarpan Foundation was established under Indian law as a charitable trust.

We are motivated by a desire to focus on others, not on ourselves. This focusing outwards is the central component of a philosophy we call Light Movement.

Our vision is to expand our network globally to provide help and assistance of any kind when there is a humanitarian, ecological or environmental need.[/box]

The work they do includes the following:


• Schools for slum kids,  bonded labours
• Affiliation with ILCA
• Sponsorship for higher studies
• Free distribution of stationery,  uniforms etc.


• Monthly food parcels
• Samarpan kitchens


• Currently engaged in the construction of free hospitals and HIV health care centres
• Wells
• Filtration and purification of existing water supplies & purification of portable water
• Recharging of ground water through rain water harvesting
• Provision of overhead tanks for continuous water supply


• Management and support of orphanages, aged and HIV positive homes


• Flood relief
• Construction of pre-fab houses
• Emergency medical relief
• Economic rehabilitation


• Rescuing and rehabilitation of bonded labour
• Adoption and development of individual villages
• Modern methodes of irrigation and agriculture
• Free hospitals
• Schools,  vocational training centres
• Cooperative farming and marketing
• Fisheries and animal husbandry


• Eradication of mosquito infestation
• Cleaning of urban canals
• Medical relief programs
• Rehabilitation of prison inmate`s families
• Yoga and spiritual exercises to prison inmates

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