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The Origin Of Murugan

Murugan, also known by the name Kartikeya, is the son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Ganesh.

It’s not an easy job to explain the origin of Murugan, because each and every source you look at has a different tale or a different version of events.


Murugan is referred to as the son of Indra in the Vedas and in the Mahabaharata but by the time the later Puranas were written, he came to be recognised as the son of Shiva.

The Best Known Origin Story Of Murugan

If you’re familiar with ancient times according to Hinduism, you’ll know that the Gods (the Devas) and the demons (the asuras) were always at war. Literally, always.

Once, three demon brothers by the names of Supradman, Simhamukha and Tarakasura performed a major penance dedicated to Lord Shiva in order to be granted boons so that they would be able to defeat the Devas once and for all.

They asked for immortal bodies and to rule the universe. Immortality however is against the laws of nature and Shiva couldn’t grant them this boon.

Instead he said that they will be invincible and that Shiva’s own power would be the only force in the universe that could destroy them.

This was enough for the demon trio.

They waged war on the Devas and took Devaloka (the world of the Devas) as their own. They enslaved many of the Devas, including Indra, Vayu and Jayanta, who was Indra’s son. They built their own capital, Mahendrapuri which went on to become a grand city, and the envy of other asuras.

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