Lord Brahma Temple? There’s A Reason There Aren’t Many!

lord brahma temple not many why

Lord Brahma is revered in Hinduism as the creator of the universe. And yet although he is widely prayed to in most Hindu customs, there are almost no temples dedicated to him as the main deity.

In fact, one of the only known Lord Brahma temples in the world is the one in Pushkar, Ajmer, India. This temple is believed to be 2000 years old, although the current structure was built in the 14th century.


So Why Are There So Few Brahma Temples?

You would logically think the God of creation, who founded the whole universe, would have more temples dedicated to him when other deities have several.

The reason for this story can be traced back to the story of Lord Shiva’s jyotirlinga.

Once Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu were arguing that each was respectively more powerful than the other. In order to settle this dispute and to test them both, Lord Shiva created the jyotirlinga, an endless beam of light that stretched from the heavens, to the earth and to the underworld.

Lord Shiva sent each to find the end of the light beam, with Lord Brahma sent upwards and Lord Vishnu downwards. The one who could find the end would be deemed to be the superior one.

Upon returning, Lord Vishnu admitted he was unable to find the end of the light beam, while Lord Brahma lied and said he had indeed found the end.

At this moment, Lord Shiva re-appeared and cursed Brahma so that he would have no places of worship, while Vishnu would be worshipped until the end of eternity.

And this is what has happened. Lord Vishnu, and his most prominent avatars of Rama, Krishna and Buddha, are worshipped across the world with thousands of temples and millions of followers. Lord Brahma barely has barely a handful of temples to his name.

He is still widely worshipped as a major part of Hindu custom, but not so much in his own temples.

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