Saraswati Aarti Lyrics, Video & Translation


Saraswati Aarti Lyrics, Video & Translation Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of learning and wisdom. She is normally represented as fair-skinned, dressed in white and standing or sitting on a white lotus or swan. She is usually represented with four arms, one holding a string of beads, one holding a book and the other two holding or playing a sitar. …

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VIDEO – Ganesh Aarti Lyrics & Translation


Ganesh Aarti Lyrics & Translation Ganesh, the son of Lord Shiva and Parvati is seen as a protector and remover of obstacles, someone who takes our pain and sorrows and brings us joy and happiness. The Ganesh Aarti – Jai Ganesh Deva – is one of the first Aartis taught to me by family when I was growing up and …

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Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics, Video & Translation

Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics Om Jai Jagdish Lyrics In Hindi Om jai Jagdish hare Swãmi jai Jagdish hare Bhakt jano ke sankat Dãs jano ke sankat Kshañ men door kare Om jai Jagdish hare Jo dhyãve phal pãve Dukh bin se man kã Swami dukh bin se man kã Sukh sampati ghar ãve Sukh sampati ghar ãve Kasht mite tan …

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