How To Do Karwa Chauth Pooja


Karwa Chauth is a festival marked mainly by Hindu women in Northern and North West India. It falls on the fourth day after the full moon in the month of Kartik on the Hindu calendar, which typically means between September and October on the Gregorian calendar. We are going to talk a little bit about the festival and how to …

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Who Was Sudama?


Who Was Sudama? Sudama was a childhood friend of Lord Krishna, and although he came from a poor family, and Krishna from royalty, that did not stop them being friends. It is believed that Lord Krishna and Sudama studied together at the ashram of Guru Sandipan, and became close friends during this time. Once they left the ashram, Sudama remained …

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Vishnu’s Kalki Avatar


Kalki is believed to be Vishnu’s tenth and final of the Dashavatar (ten incarnations). It is believed that when Krishna left the Earth, the world passed into Kali Yuga (dark ages) where goodness and purity were diminished and darkness reigned. Kalki will appear at the end of Kali Yuga, riding a white horse and carrying a sword of fire. His appearance …

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Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?


Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar? Regular readers will know that we have been writing about Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, known as Dashavatar, by dedicating a separate written piece to each one. You can read about them here. There is a lot of debate and controversy over who was Vishnu’s 9th avatar. Some oppose the idea that it was Buddha, as he himself …

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Vishwakarma, God of Architecture


Vishwakarma God of Architecture Vishwakarma, god of architecture and engineering according to Hinduism was one of the very early manifestations to appear of the supreme God, Prarbrahman. True to his name, which translates to English as “All-accomplishing maker of all” he is thought to have been the architect that designed the universe. As written in the Mahabharata: The lord of the …

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Why Is Holi Celebrated?


Why Is Holi Celebrated? Holi, the Hindu festival of colours has been growing increasingly popular amongst Asians and non-Asians alike, all around the world. But why is Holi celebrated? And how is it celebrated? Why Holi Is Celebrated Holi starts with a bonfire night, on the evening before Holi itself. This goes back to the story of Vishnu’s Narasimha avatar. Narasimha …

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The Origin Of Murugan – The Boy Wonder


The Origin Of Murugan Murugan, also known by the name Kartikeya, is the son of Shiva and Parvati and brother of Ganesh. It’s not an easy job to explain the origin of Murugan, because each and every source you look at has a different tale or a different version of events. Murugan is referred to as the son of Indra …

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Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar


Shri Krishna Leela Stories – Vishnu’s 8th Avatar There is no way to fit the entirety of all the Shri Krishna Leela Stories into one single article. There is just so much to cover, so much to say, so much to learn from Lord Krishna’s time on Earth. From birth in Mathura, to upbringing in Gokul and Vrindavan, to establishing his …

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