Hindspiration.com was started by a team of 3 friends.

We all come from religious families and we felt that there was still no real definite source online (the information age!) to learn more about and gain a better understanding of Hinduism, for Hindus and non-Hindus alike.

So we set up hindspiration.com, with the motto – To Learn, To Teach, To Inspire.

That is exactly what we want to do.

To teach and inspire others, and to learn ourselves along the journey as well. We have huge ambitions and big plans for this little website of ours.

We want to become the definitive online resource for all the questions you might have about Hinduism, and to help inspire a new generation to become avid followers as well.

We want to use this as a launchpad for starting charity work, helping those in need and enriching people’s lives around the world, whatever their race, religion or background.

This does of course take money and from time to time we may end up asking you to look at some ads, support our sponsors or maybe even try to sell you something, but we will always make sure it is done tastefully and with the long term goal in mind.

Every little bit you do will help us get there. Thanks for being part of this very exciting journey.

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