Vishwakarma, God of Architecture


Vishwakarma Puja

As the god of architecture and engineering, Vishwakarma is unsurprisingly very prominently worshipped by many architects, engineers and builders. He is also commonly worshipped by many other professionals and tradesmen as a mark of respect.

There are two main days that celebrate Vishwakarma:

Rishi Panchami Dinam

This translates as ‘the day the five rishis became one’. As an immortal, many believe Vishwakarma did not have a birthday but that there was a day that his five children, five rishis (sages) all came together to celebrate and praise their father.

Vishwakarma Jayanti

This day is marked by most industries, businesses and trades, and usually falls on 16 or 17 September of the Western calendar.

As well as marking Vishwakarma’s birthday, it also marks a day in history that the Vishwakarma caste of people invented the plough, which merged industry, design and agriculture together and was a landmark point in humanity.

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