Sai Baba Temple Bhivpuri: First Sai Baba Temple

He went to Shirdi regularly and always pleaded with Baba to come to Bhivpuri.

In 1916, Baba gave Pradhan a statue of himself and told him to return to Bhiwpuri and build a temple, and that Pradhan wouldn’t need to visit Shirdi any more. Pradhan returned to Bhivpuri but didn’t follow Baba’s instructions and reutnred to Shirdi once more.

This time baba told him:

When I have come to your house, why have you come here? Bhivpuri is your Shirdi. Go there and do as I told you

So he built a small temple in Bhivpuri, in an area of beautiful greenery with a tree in the courtyard. The temple hasn’t been altered much since its original construction.

Is is said that on silent evenings you can hear the temple doors open, and silent mornings you can hear the temple doors close. This is the sound of Baba coming out in the evenings, meditating under the tree in the courtyard and returning inside again in the morning.

And that is how the world’s first temple dedicated to Shirdi Ke Sai Baba came into existence. The temple is still there in its original location. You should go see it!

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