The Origin Of Murugan – The Boy Wonder


Shiva had once told him that only the son of Shiva would be able to kill him and since Sati had passed away (you can find out about that when you read about Virabhadra’s Story) he believed Shiva wouldn’t have a child and he wouldn’t be killed.

Murugan, with his weapon, the spear, easily slayed Tarakasura however.

The same fate met Supradman’s son, Baukopan, on the second day of battle. This made Supradman nervous. How could a mere child defeat to of the greatest demon warriors of the era?

He sent Simhamukha into battle next. When Simhamukha was almost defeated, he had a divine vision and saw Murugan for his true form as Shiva’s son, and begged for forgiveness. Murugan blessed the fallen asura and made him the mount of Kali Mata.

Finally Supradman went to battle with the boy wonder, Murugan. Supradman tried every possible trick he could come up with, but none of them worked in the face of such a skilled opponent. Eventually Murugan killed him with his spear.

As Supradman lay dying, he realised he wasn’t fighting any ordinary child, but the divine child of Lord Shiva. And at this moment he begged for forgiveness. Murugan not only forgave him, but allowed him to take form as a peacock and become his mount.

So when you see images of Lord Murugan on a peacock, remember that peacock is a demon who was saved by divine compassion.

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