The Origin Of Murugan – The Boy Wonder


The Devas became more and more desperate for help and appealed to Shiva for aid.

Shiva released six brilliant white sparks that gave off an incredible heat and proclaimed that the child born form these sparks would slay Supradman and his brothers and restore order to Devaloka.

Shiva told Agni, the god of fire, and Vayu, the god of the winds, to take these sparks to Ganga who would be able to carry them to the reed forest (Sharavana) .

When Ganga finally got the sparks to the forest, they turned into a 6-headed baby. Six nymphs, called Krittikas, happened to find the divine child and began to mother him before Shiva and Parvati appeared to greet the child.

An argument broke out amongst them about who the parents of the child were, before Shiva intervened and said the child is all of theirs as they were all involved in his birth. As Parvati’s child he would be known as Skanda, as Agni’s he would be Mahasena, as the son of the goddess of the forest he would be Sharavana, as the Krittikas’ son he would be Kartikeya and as Shiva’s own son he would be Guha.

Kartikeya was brought up on Mount Kailash and became a skilled warrior. Eventually Shiva felt the time was right to send the boy to slay the asuras and restore the Devas to rulers of Devaloka.

When word reached the demons of this child who had set out to kill them, Supradman sent Tarakasura, his youngest brother to defeat Murugan.

What is interesting about Tarakasura is that he thought he was invincible.

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