Why Is Holi Celebrated?


What Are The Traditional Holi Colours?

Holi is during a change in season and the most traditional colours used have a medicinal effect to keep off germs and illness. This goes back to traditional ayurvedic practices as well.

Neem gives a light green shade, kumkum gives deep red, turmeric for yellow and bivla for a mustard tone.

Other traditional colours are:

  • Green can be derived from mehndi (henna)
  • Red and orange can be taken from palash or tesu tree leaves, as well as sandalwood or dried hibiscus flowers
  • Yellow, as well as from turmeric (haldi) can be extracted from marigold flowers
  • Blue from some types of berries, blue hibiscus, and jacaranda flowers
  • Purple from boiled beetroot
  • Brown from dried tea leaves

Natural colours are not only better for the environment, but they are easier to clean and also provide a few medicinal benefits at the same time. That’s why I prefer them over synthetic colours!

Photo by Steve Gerner on Flickr
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