Why Is Holi Celebrated?


So Why Does Holi Involve Throwing Colours?

The story behind this can be traced back to another of Vishnu’s avatars, Krishna.

As an infant, the demon Putana, came disguised as a nurse and tried to breastfeed the baby Krishna poison. The demon was defeated, but some believe that the darker skin tone that Krishna is usually shown with, originated from him ingesting some poison.

As an adolescent, Krishna despairs because he believes that Radha and the other gopis will not like him because of his dark skin tone. His foster mother, Yashoda, tells him to approach Radha and colour her face any colour he wants.

And that is exactly what he does. If you didn’t already know, Radha and Krishna go on to share an epic, eternal love story.

The playful throwing of colours originated from this tale and that is how the modern custom of Holi emerged.

So next time you are playing Holi and throwing colours at each other, think back to the event you’re recreating!

What Are The Traditional Holi Colours?

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