Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?


Buddha Reaches Parinirvana

As time went on, Buddha’s following and influence grew more and more.

Around the age of 80, Buddha felt his time on earth was coming to an end and proclaimed that he was near the state of parinirvana or ultimate enlightenment, and he would soon be leaving his earthly body.

After eating his last meal, he became violently ill and knew his time was near. He asked his disciples if they had any other questions or doubts. They had none.

His final words are thought to have been:

All composite things (Saṅkhāra) are perishable. Strive for your own liberation with diligence

He is also thought to have told his disciples to follow no leader.

So Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?

It is commonly believed that he is indeed the 9th avatar of Vishnu, despite his transgression, which according to many at the time, was against the vedic principles of dharma.

We will never know for sure.

However it is also interesting that Buddha is noted as a prophet in the Ahmadiyya sect of Islam, a manifestation of god in the Baha’i faith, and Chinese taoist-Buddhists believe him to be an incarnation of the deity Lao Tzu.

As well as that, the life of Saint Josaphat, in Christianity, is thought to be based on the life of Buddha.

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