Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?


Buddha Returns Home

Buddha returned to Kapilavastu to be greeted by his ageing father. Although the king wanted his son to stay in the palace, he chose not to and the king arranged for him to stay in a nearby grove.

During his time at the palace, his son Rahula, his father and his cousin Devadatta all became followers and joined the sangha.

Devadatta however became fuelled by jealousy and attempted to have Buddha killed. Once by asking King Ajatasatru (who had imprisoned King Bimbishara and took over rule of Rajagaha) to have his men throw a boulder on him from above, and once by releasing a wild elephant, Nalagiri towards him.


The boulder split in two before reaching him, and by raising his hand, Buddha was able to calm the elephant.

Eventually, both Ajatasatru and Devadatta both became troubled spiritually, sought refuge from Buddha and joined the sangha.

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