Is Buddha A Vishnu Avatar?


Buddha Reaches Enlightenment

Siddhartha sat down under a bodhi tree nearby, and vowed to remain sat there meditating under the tree until he discovered the truth.

After 49 days of constant meditation, he awoke in an enlightened state. From this moment on, he was to be known as Buddha the enlightened one, instead of Siddharth.

After this, he decided to seek out the five hermits. He met them near the holy city of Benares and explained what he had discovered from enlightenment. They immediately became his disciples, and the first sangha, or company of Buddhist monks, was formed.

After spending a night with a great Brahman sage in Urubvila, named Kashyap, Buddha explained his concept of peace and happiness and Kashyap also joined the sangha.

Toegther they returned to Rajagaha, where King Bimbishara was about to hold a great prayer ceremony, involving sacrificing lambs. Buddha and the sage Kashyap advised against it, and explained that it is not a way to free yourself from sorrow.

Once Buddha explained enlightenment to the king, he also became a follower and invited Buddha and his disciples to stay in his palace.

Soon word reached Kind Suddhodana of his son’s great fame and following and the king sent for his son.

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