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Siddharth In Urubilva

From Rajagaha, Siddharth went to Urubilva to meet the great sages of the era and learn from them.

He spent some time meditating under Alara Kalama and also under Udraka Ramaputra. However he was not entirely satisfied after his time either, and he moved on on his own.

In the forest, five hermits, led by Kaundinya, saw him meditating with such power and concentration that they believed they should join him. They suggested suffering was the path to truth and engaged in fasting to the point of starvation, and self flagellation (similar to self-harm).

Eventually Siddharth was only drinking water and only eating a single hemp grain each day. After nearly drowning in a river due to weakness and starvation, and being saved by a herdsman’s daughter named Sujata, he started eating again and believed extreme austerity was not the way to discover the end of sorrow.

The five hermits were disappointed with this and left his side, leaving Siddhartha to search for the ultimate truth on his own.

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