8 Questions Every Hindu Is Probably Sick Of Answering!

We’ve all been there before. Going about your business when somehow, a well-meaning, perfectly innocent person may show their naivety by asking a few questions after a few tidbits of information they may have picked up form unnamed sources.

This is a complete change of pace from the normal kind of content we have on this website, but it was too much fun to pass up on!

Remember this is purely satire and no offence intended to anyone. Enjoy.


1. What’s up with “the dot”?

Oh that red thing we put on our foreheads? Well, we’re like coffee machines – the dot just tells you when we’re ready.

2. When you die do you come back as cows?


3. Why do you have like a million gods?

We have short attention spans so we have to….SQUIRREL!

4. Why do gods have so many arms?

They started with two arms, got bitten by radioactive spiders and well….nature plays tricks on us all!

5. Why do your weddings last a whole week?


Any excuse to get really really fat!

6. Do you all do yoga?


Well how else would we shift the weight from the weddings!

7. Why don’t you eat beef?

Because we’re cheapskates and fillet steak is too expensive!

And Of Course…

8. Did you learn about sex from the kama sutra?

Obviously. That was my bedtime reading from the age of 5!

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